Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who's Got the Control? A Father's Day Cookie Gift

Just for the record, this was not my original idea. I got my inspiration here.

I thought this was a cute idea for a Father's Day gift! I was so excited about all the little details and writing the numbers on the icing. My son, 4, was equally excited. He questioned me as I put the real remote on top of the cookie dough to trace the shape out, "Mommy, you're making a remote cookie?!" with such excitement. He watched me throughout the entire process; the first layer of icing, the icing details, and then writing the details on the icing. I told him that the cookies were for Daddy, and we could not eat them yet. He was okay with that but didn't understand that Father's Day was a few days away! He kept asking me when we were going to surprise Daddy.

We have a TV remote and a DVD remote, so I thought it appropriate to make both kinds since my husband usually likes to be in control of them both. :-)

Can you tell which is which?

My son helped me gift wrap the cookies for Daddy.

Be prepared to have a little bit of a black mouth however, since the icing is black. As soon as my son handed the gift to his daddy, he was ready to eat them. And as I type, he is sporting a little black mouth.

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers!!!

Keep it sweet,


  1. AWESOME job! Will the real remote please stand up:) (You might be too young to remember that game "To Tell the Truth" on t.v.)

  2. Love this! What Dad wouldn't enjoy this for Father's Day. Great idea!

  3. Hello, new fallower.found you on FB :)
    You are a genious. I was laughing,when I saw these cookies.