Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Favorite Season - FALL!

I love fall! I grew up in the midwest, and always adored when fall would come around. It wasn't bitterly cold winter yet, and the dreary hot summer was over - it was fall! The changing of the leaves was my favorite part. My sister and I would rake the leaves in our front and back yard - okay, we would rake them into piles so that we could play in them! Sometimes we would rake a pile so big and then dive into it, and cover each other with more leaves so that we were entirely covered. Good times!

One especially beautiful fall day was October 6, 2000. I remember the exact date because it was the day before my sister got married. The drive to our church was always beautiful during fall - there were numerous trees surrounding that back woods area, and the leaves on the trees were the most vibrant fall colors you can imagine. I remember driving to the church that night for the rehearsal dinner, and everything just seemed more colorful and gorgeous. I had my camera with me of course - so I made a few stops just to snap some photos of those amazing leaves.

I don't live in the midwest anymore, so fall is something that I miss a lot! I just made a trip home last week, and I had almost forgotten how beautiful those leaves get. Although, I'm not used to the cold anymore, so I think I would rather miss out on the changing of the leaves than be freezing! :-)

Here is my rendition of those beautiful fall leaves I remember so well:

Had to add some acorns and cute little squirrels to the mix.

When I traveled home last week, my sweet aunt bought me some new cookie cutters. I was like a little kid in a candy store, all new cutters!! I was finally able to make some Halloween cookies that I have been meaning to make for about a month now!

I got the inspiration for the pumpkin faces from none other than Martha Stewart. You can see the cute clip art project that she did with pumpkins here.

I have another set of Halloween cookies that I am so excited about, because they turned out even better than what I had imagined in my head - I love it when that happens because it's not very often! But that is going to have to wait until Halloween...

Until then, keep it sweet.