Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ladybugs and flowers and pretty little things. . .

I love ladybugs.

I don't like them inside my house, however.

These are the only ladybugs that are allowed inside.

Although they might not survive for very long. My son has a sweet tooth. And so does his mom.

The rest of the designs seemed so "summer-y" to me. I'm not sure if "summer-y" is a word. But if it is, it sure is summer-y here. The high is like 94 today!

Designs inspired by the amazing Sweet Sugarbelle.

Be careful, or these ladybugs will be running all over the place!

Hope your day is summer-y!
Keep it sweet,


  1. Liz they are perfect!!!! I love the color. You reminded me of a funny. When my dad was little he caught a bucket full of itty bitty frogs and when her brought them in to show Nanny (his mom) he spilled them!!!! Nanny said she found little mummified frogs for years, lol. No ladybugs in the house reminded me. Thanks so much for the smile. Beautiful cookies!!

  2. Thank you Callye! And thanks again for letting me borrow your design. I love your story.. oh, I can just imagine my son would probably do the same thing, haha! Frogs in the house... no thank you! LOL