Monday, May 7, 2012

Paris, je t'aime

One of my very favorite things is when someone asks me to do a cookie design that I haven't done before. I absolutely love being out of my "creative comfort zone". I love to have a blank cookie in front of me and know in my head how I want it to look and transfer it onto my "canvas".

So it was with these cookies. I was given the theme Paris, and the colors black and pink. Knowing this was for an anniversary party, I wanted to incorporte as much "love" as I could :)

I've always thought about going to Paris, and about ten years ago I almost had the chance - but it was not to be. I was so close - living in Europe - but the day before things changed. One day... day I'll see the Eiffel Tower for real!

Everything was done freehand. I drew "chandelier" image, piped it onto wax paper, let it dry and then transferred it onto the cookies. I am learning to do writing better after lots of practice, but I would love for a KopyKake to be in my future...

Such a romantic city, or so I've been told.

 These photos by Wendy Lake Photography
See her Facebook page here

 The beautiful Paris tags crafted by Creative Visions

I hope that the couple that I made these for have a wonderful anniversary, and that these cookies help them remember why they first fell in love.

Keep it sweet!


  1. Oh la la! Those are wonderful!


  2. Absolutely stunning! You are so talented!

  3. Your cookies are beautiful. Your script is beautiful. Not too sure you need a KopyKake...your freehand work is amazing. Paula @VanillaBeanBake

  4. Thank you all for your sweet comments :)

  5. Just wonderful!
    Regards from Uruguay

  6. Such beautiful decorating work! The last set with the woven effect is so pretty!